pocketWords 1.20

Solve crosswords and get help with Scrabble games


  • Large database of words
  • Quick turnaround of suggestions


  • No Spanish version


Just recently I've really got into my Scrabble games and have even started my own league where my wordy buddies and I meet at various locations to play. Instead of remembering to bring my dictionary I've started using poketWords on my Pocket PC, because it provides a great solution for suggesting words based on the tiles you have. Don't tell my friends though because this is technically cheating.

The program is basically an interpreter of characters, capable of generating words with a maximum of nine letters. It includes a whopping 145,000 words in its database, meaning it's never stuck for an answer when you're in a tight spot.

Becoming unstoppable at Scrabble is simply a matter of entering the letters you have, waiting a few seconds, then being presented with a list of all your options and their respective points value. You can even download packs for other languages in American English, German or French. Unfortunately there's no Spanish version yet, but hopefully this is to come.

If you're a fan of Scrabble, crosswords or just word games in general then this is a very useful addition to your Pocket PC. Who said cheats never prosper?

If you ever get stuck on a crossword, or want to find the best scoring word in Scrabble®, pocketWords has the answer! It also helps solve anagrams and other types of word puzzle - an ideal Christmas gift for the dedicated crossword solver.

pocketWords finds all words of 9 letters or less that fit the known letters in a crossword answer, solves anagrams and finds all possible words from a set of letters such as those in Scrabble.

pocketWords is much faster and more convenient than word lists in book form and uses an optimised data structure so that only 50k free memory is required to run. pocketWords comes with a database of over 145,000 words as defined for international Scrabble and you can download many other word-lists free, from our website.



pocketWords 1.20

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